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BIND 10 devel-20120927 Release Notes
Author: Michael McNally Reference Number: AA-00805 Views: 2275 Created: 2012-09-27 18:58 Last Updated: 2012-09-27 18:58 0 Rating/ Voters

    Alpha release of BIND 10

Over the past few years, we have provided over 20 development
snapshots of BIND 10. This release starts the process toward our
first production and supported release of BIND 10, which is expected
at around the first of the year.  Since the last snapshot, some
significant changes include an improved in-memory data source that
uses less memory than BIND 9, incoming zone transfers work with
some TSIG signatures omitted, and an improved statistics framework.

BIND 10 provides a C++ library for DNS (with python wrappers) and
several cooperating daemons for providing authoritative DNS service
(with in-memory and SQLite3 backends and DNSSEC support), DNS
forwarding, and recursive name service.  It also provides experimental
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers and a C++ library for DHCP.

We are looking for testers to provide feedback on using this
alpha release. For more information about BIND 10, the release
schedule, and the community testing plans, please see:

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10 website

The bind10-devel-20120927 source may be downloaded from:

A PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists. Please provide your feedback:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website (after
logging into Trac):

A summary of the significant changes since the previous release
include (from the ChangeLog):

483.    [func]        marcin
    libdhcp++: Added new parameter to define sub-second timeout
    for DHCP packet reception. The total timeout is now specified
    by two parameters:  first specifies integral number of
    seconds, second (which defaults to 0) specifies fractional
    seconds with microsecond resolution.
    (Trac #2231, git 15560cac16e4c52129322e3cb1787e0f47cf7850)

482.    [func]        team
    Memory footprint of the in-memory data source has been
    substantially improved.  For example, b10-auth now requires much
    less memory than BIND 9 named for loading and serving the same
    zone in-memory.  This is a transparent change in terms of user
    operation; there's no need to update or change the configuration
    to enable this feature.
    Notes: multiple instances of b10-auth still make separate copies
    of the memory image.  Also, loading zones in memory still suspends
    query processing, so manual reloading or reloading after incoming
    transfer may cause service disruption for huge zones.
    (Multiple Trac tickets, Summarized in Trac #2101)

481.    [bug]        vorner
    The abbreviated form of IP addresses in ACLs is accepted
    (eg. "from": ["127.0.01", "::1"] now works).
    (Trac #2191, git 48b6e91386b46eed383126ad98dddfafc9f7e75e)

480.    [doc]        vorner
    Added documentation about global TSIG key ring to the Guide.
    (Trac #2189, git 52177bb31f5fb8e134aecb9fd039c368684ad2df)

479.    [func]        marcin
    Refactored perfdhcp tool to C++, added missing unit tests and removed
    the old code. The new code uses libdhcp++ (src/lib/dhcp) for DHCP
    packet management, network interface management and packet
    (Trac #1954, git 8d56105742f3043ed4b561f26241f3e4331f51dc)
    (Trac #1955, git 6f914bb2c388eb4dd3e5c55297f8988ab9529b3f)
    (Trac #1956, git 6f914bb2c388eb4dd3e5c55297f8988ab9529b3f)
    (Trac #1957, git 7fca81716ad3a755bf5744e88c3adeef15b04450)
    (Trac #1958, git 94e17184270cda58f55e6da62e845695117fede3)
    (Trac #1959, git a8cf043db8f44604c7773e047a9dc2861e58462a)
    (Trac #1960, git 6c192e5c0903f349b4d80cf2bb6cd964040ae7da)

478.    [func]        naokikambe
    New statistics items added into b10-xfrout: ixfr_running and
    axfr_running.  Their values can be obtained by invoking "Stats show
    Xfrout" via bindctl while b10-xfrout is running.
    (Trac #2222, git 91311bdbfea95f65c5e8bd8294ba08fac12405f1)

477.    [bug]        jelte
    Fixed a problem with b10-msgq on OSX when using a custom Python
    installation, that offers an unreliable select.poll() interface.
    (Trac #2190, git e0ffa11d49ab949ee5a4ffe7682b0e6906667baa)

476.    [bug]        vorner
    The Xfrin now accepts transfers with some TSIG signatures omitted, as
    allowed per RFC2845, section 4.4. This solves a compatibility
    issues with Knot and NSD.
    (Trac #1357, git 7ca65cb9ec528118f370142d7e7b792fcc31c9cf)

475.    [func]        naokikambe
    Added Xfrout statistics counters: notifyoutv4, notifyoutv6,
    xfrrej, and xfrreqdone. These are per-zone type counters.
    The value of these counters can be seen with zone name by
    invoking "Stats show Xfrout" via bindctl.
    (Trac #2158, git e68c127fed52e6034ab5309ddd506da03c37a08a)

474.    [func]        stephen
    DHCP servers now use the BIND 10 logging system for messages.
    (Trac #1545, git de69a92613b36bd3944cb061e1b7c611c3c85506)

473.    [bug]        jelte
    TCP connections now time out in b10-auth if no (or not all) query
    data is sent by the client. The timeout value defaults to 5000
    milliseconds, but is configurable in Auth/tcp_recv_timeout.
    (Trac #357, git cdf3f04442f8f131542bd1d4a2228a9d0bed12ff)

472.    [build]        jreed
    All generated documentation is removed from the git repository.
    The ./configure --enable-man option is removed. A new option
    -enable-generate-docs is added; it checks for required
    documentation building dependencies. Dummy documentation is
    built and installed if not used. Distributed tarballs will
    contain the generated documentation.
    (Trac #1687, git 2d4063b1a354f5048ca9dfb195e8e169650f43d0)

471.    [bug]        vorner
    Fixed a problem when b10-loadzone tried to tread semicolon
    in string data as start of comment, which caused invalid
    data being loaded.
    (Trac #2188, git 12efec3477feb62d7cbe36bdcfbfc7aa28a36f57)

470.    [func]        naokikambe
    The stats module now supports partial statistics updates. Each
    module can return only statistics data which have been updated since
    the last time it sent them to the stats module. The purpose of partial
    updates is to reduce the amount of statistics data sent through the
    message queue.
    (Trac #2179, git d659abdd9f3f369a29830831297f64484ac7b051)

469.    [bug]        jelte
    libdatasrc: the data source client list class now ignores zone
    content problems (such as out-of-zone data) in MasterFiles type
    zones, instead of aborting the entire configuration.  It only logs
    an error, and all other zones and datasources are still loaded. The
    error log message has been improved to include the zone origin and
    source file name.  As a result of this change, b10-auth no longer
    exits upon encountering such errors during startup.
    (Trac #2178, git a75ed413e8a1c8e3702beea4811a46a1bf519bbd)

468.    [func]*        naokikambe, fujiwara
    b10-stats polls the bind10 and b10-auth with new 'getstats' command
    to retrieve statistics data.  The "poll-interval" parameter in
    b10-stats is for configuring the polling interval.  All statistics
    data collected once are preserved while b10-stats is running.
    The "sendstats" command was removed from bind10 and b10-auth. The
    "statistics-interval" configuration item was removed from b10-auth.
    (Trac #2136, git dcb5ce50b4b4e50d28247d5f8b5cb8d90bda942a)
    (Trac #2137, git d53bb65a43f6027b15a6edc08c137951e3ce5e0e)
    (Trac #2138, git b34e3313460eebc9c272ca8c1beb27297c195150)

Thanks again to all of you who have contributed code and provided

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer

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