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bind10-devel-20121115 Release Notes
Author: Michael McNally Reference Number: AA-00825 Views: 2705 Created: 2012-11-15 19:03 Last Updated: 2012-11-15 19:33 0 Rating/ Voters
    Alpha2 release of BIND 10

Welcome to the second alpha release of BIND 10. The highlights
since the previous alpha release include background DNS zone
loading and support for time unit mnemonics for resource record
TTLs.  This new version of BIND 10 also introduces a development
version of the DHCPv6 server able to store lease information in a
MySQL database.

Note that this release includes a security bug fix. The previous
non-production release of the authoritative DNS server could crash
due to an incoming query if it served a zone containing a DNAME RR
from the in-memory data source. A new unit test implementation using
the in-memory data source was written to verify this.

BIND 10 provides a C++ library for DNS (with python wrappers) and
several cooperating daemons for providing authoritative DNS service
(with in-memory and SQLite3 backends and DNSSEC support), DNS
forwarding, and experimental recursive name service.  It also
provides DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers and a C++ library for DHCP.
Supplementary components are included for statistics collection
and reporting and remote configuration and control.

We are looking for testers to provide feedback on using this
alpha2 release. For more information about BIND 10, the release
schedule, and the community testing plans, please see:

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10 website

The bind10-devel-20121115 source may be downloaded from:

A PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists. Please provide your feedback:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website (after
logging into Trac):

A summary of the significant changes since the previous release
include (from the ChangeLog):

507.    [doc]        jelte
    Added a chapter about the use of the bindctl command tool to
    to the BIND 10 guide.
    (Trac #2305, git c4b0294b5bf4a9d32fb18ab62ca572f492788d72)

506.    [security]        jinmei
    Fixed a use-after-free case in handling DNAME record with the
    in-memory data source.  This could lead to a crash of b10-auth
    if it serves a zone containing a DNAME RR from the in-memory
    data source.  This bug was introduced at bind10-devel-20120927.
    (Trac #2471, git 2b1793ac78f972ddb1ae2fd092a7f539902223ff)

505.    [bug]        jelte
    Fixed a bug in b10-xfrin where a wrong call was made during the
    final check of a TSIG-signed transfer, incorrectly rejecting the
    (Trac #2464, git eac81c0cbebee72f6478bdb5cda915f5470d08e1)

504.    [bug]*        naokikambe
    Fixed an XML format viewed from b10-stats-httpd. Regarding
    per-zone counters as zones of Xfrout, a part of the item
    values wasn't an exact XML format. A zone name can be
    specified in URI as
    XSD and XSL formats are also changed to constant ones due
    to these changes.
    (Trac #2298, git 512d2d46f3cb431bcdbf8d90af27bff8874ba075)

503.    [func]        Stephen
    Add initial version of a MySQL backend for the DHCP code.  This
    implements the basic IPv6 lease access functions - add lease, delete
    lease and update lease.  The backend is enabled by specifying
    --with-dhcp-mysql on the "configure" command line: without this
    switch, the MySQL code is not compiled, so leaving BIND 10 able to
    be built on systems without MySQL installed.
    (Trac #2342, git c7defffb89bd0f3fdd7ad2437c78950bcb86ad37)

502.    [func]        vorner
    TTLs can be specified with units as well as number of seconds now.
    This allows specifications like "1D3H".
    (Trac #2384, git 44c321c37e17347f33ced9d0868af0c891ff422b)

501.    [func]        tomek
    Added DHCPv6 allocation engine, now used in the processing of DHCPv6
    (Trac #2414, git b3526430f02aa3dc3273612524d23137b8f1fe87)

500.    [bug]        jinmei
    Corrected the autoconf example in the examples directory so it can
    use the configured path to Boost to check availability of the BIND 10
    library.  Previously the sample configure script could fail if
    Boost is installed in an uncommon place.  Also, it now provides a
    helper m4 function and example usage for embedding the library
    path to executable (using linker options like -Wl,-R) to help
    minimize post-build hassles.
    (Trac #2356, git 36514ddc884c02a063e166d44319467ce6fb1d8f)

499.    [func]        team
    The b10-auth 'loadzone' command now uses the internal thread
    introduced in 495 to (re)load a zone in the background, so that
    query processing isn't blocked while loading a zone.
    (Trac #2213, git 686594e391c645279cc4a95e0e0020d1c01fba7e)

498.    [func]        marcin
    Implemented DHCPv6 option values configuration using configuration
    manager. In order to set values for data fields carried by the
    particular option, user specifies the string of hexadecimal digits
    that is in turn converted to binary data and stored into option
    buffer. More user friendly way of option content specification is
    (Trac #2318, git e75c686cd9c14f4d6c2a242a0a0853314704fee9)

497.    [bug]        jinmei
    Fixed several issues in isc-sysinfo:
    - make sure it doesn't report a negative value for free memory
      size (this happened on FreeBSD, but can possibly occur on other
      BSD variants)
    - correctly identifies the SMP support in kernel on FreeBSD
    - print more human readable uptime as well as the time in seconds
    (Trac #2297, git 59a449f506948e2371ffa87dcd19059388bd1657)

496.    [func]        tomek
    DHCPv6 Allocation Engine implemented. It allows address allocation
    from the configured subnets/pools. It currently features a single
    allocator: IterativeAllocator, which assigns addresses iteratively.
    Other allocators (hashed, random) are planned.
    (Trac #2324, git 8aa188a10298e3a55b725db36502a99d2a8d638a)

495.    [func]        team
    b10-auth now handles reconfiguration of data sources in
    background using a separate thread.  This means even if the new
    configuration includes a large amount of data to be loaded into
    memory (very large zones and/or a very large number of zones),
    the reconfiguration doesn't block query handling.
    (Multiple Trac tickets up to #2211)

494.    [bug]        jinmei
    Fixed a problem that shutting down BIND 10 kept some of the
    processes alive.  It was two-fold: when the main bind10 process
    started as a root, started b10-sockcreator with the privilege, and
    then dropped the privilege, the bind10 process cannot kill the
    sockcreator via signal any more (when it has to), but it kept
    sending the signal and didn't stop.  Also, when running on Python
    3.1 (or older), the sockcreator had some additional file
    descriptor open, which prevented it from exiting even after the
    bind10 process terminated.  Now the bind10 process simply gives up
    killing a subprocess if it fails due to lack of permission, and it
    makes sure the socket creator is spawned without any unnecessary
    FDs open.
    (Trac #1858, git 405d85c8a0042ba807a3a123611ff383c4081ee1)

493.    [build]        jinmei
    Fixed build failure with newer versions of clang++.  These
    versions are stricter regarding "unused variable" and "unused
    (driver) arguments" warnings, and cause fatal build error
    with -Werror.  The affected versions of clang++ include Apple's
    customized version 4.1 included in Xcode 4.5.1.  So this fix
    will solve build errors for Mac OS X that uses newer versions of
    (Trac #2340, git 55be177fc4f7537143ab6ef5a728bd44bdf9d783,
    3e2a372012e633d017a97029d13894e743199741 and commits before it
    with [2340] in the commit log)

492.    [func]        tomek
    libdhcpsrv: The DHCP Configuration Manager is now able to store
    information about IPv4 subnets and pools. It is still not possible
    to configure that information. Such capability will be implemented
    in a near future.
    (Trac #2237, git a78e560343b41f0f692c7903c938b2b2b24bf56b)

491.    [func]        tomek
    b10-dhcp6: Configuration for DHCPv6 has been implemented.
    Currently it is possible to configure IPv6 subnets and pools
    within those subnets, global and per subnet values of renew,
    rebind, preferred and valid lifetimes. Configured parameters
    are accepted, but are not used yet by the allocation engine yet.
    (Trac #2269, git 028bed9014b15facf1a29d3d4a822c9d14fc6411)

490.    [func]        tomek
    libdhcpsrv: An abstract API for lease database has been
    implemented. It offers a common interface to all concrete
    database backends.
    (Trac #2140, git df196f7609757253c4f2f918cd91012bb3af1163)

489.    [func]        muks
    The isc::dns::RRsetList class has been removed. It was now unused
    inside the BIND 10 codebase, and the interface was considered
    prone to misuse.
    (Trac #2266, git 532ac3d0054f6a11b91ee369964f3a84dabc6040)

488.    [build]        jinmei
    On configure, changed the search order for Python executable.
    It first tries more specific file names such as "python3.2" before
    more generic "python3".  This will prevent configure failure on
    Mac OS X that installs Python3 via recent versions of Homebrew.
    (Trac #2339, git 88db890d8d1c64de49be87f03c24a2021bcf63da)

487.    [bug]        jinmei
    The bind10 process now terminates a component (subprocess) by the
    "config remove Boss/components" bindctl command even if the
    process crashes immediately before the command is sent to bind10.
    Previously this led to an inconsistent state between the
    configuration and an internal component list of bind10, and bind10
    kept trying to restart the component.  A known specific case of
    this problem is that b10-ddns could keep failing (due to lack of
    dependency modules) and the administrator couldn't stop the
    restart via bindctl.
    (Trac #2244, git 7565788d06f216ab254008ffdfae16678bcd00e5)

486.    [bug]*        jinmei
    All public header files for libb10-dns++ are now installed.
    Template and utility AC macros for external projects
    using the library are provided under the "examples" directory.
    The src/bin/host was moved as part of the examples (and not
    installed with other BIND 10 programs any more).
    (Trac #1870, git 4973e638d354d8b56dcadf71123ef23c15662021)

485.    [bug]        jelte
    Several bugs have been fixed in bindctl; tab-completion now works
    within configuration lists, the problem where sometimes the
    completion added a part twice has been solved, and it no longer
    suggests the confusing value 'argument' as a completion-hint for
    configuration items. Additionally, bindctl no longer crashes upon
    input like 'config remove Boss'.
    (Trac #2254, git 9047de5e8f973e12e536f7180738e6b515439448)

484.    [func]        tomek
    A new library (libb10-dhcpsrv) has been created. At present, it
    only holds the code for the DHCP Configuration Manager. Currently
    this object only supports basic configuration storage for the DHCPv6
    server,    but that capability will be expanded.
    (Trac #2238, git 6f29861b92742da34be9ae76968e82222b5bfd7d)

Thanks again to those who contributed bug reports, code, and reviews.

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer

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