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Kea 0.9b1 Release Notes
Author: vicky risk Reference Number: AA-01196 Views: 6229 Created: 2014-08-12 22:48 Last Updated: 2014-08-14 16:08 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

This is the first beta of the 0.9 release of Kea. 

Kea is a new DHCP implementation being developed by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. that features fully functional DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and Dynamic DNS servers. Both DHCP servers fully support server discovery, address assignment, renewal, rebinding and release. DHCPv6 server supports prefix delegation. Both servers support DNS Update mechanism, using stand-alone DDNS daemon, which is part of the release.

This document summarizes features added or significantly changed since the previous major release, Kea 0.8. Bug fixes since Kea 0.8 are also summarized. Please see the ChangeLog file in the source code release for a complete list of all changes.


The latest versions of Kea software can always be found on our web site at or  from (this release is A PGP signature of the distribution is at  The signature was generated with the ISC code signing key which is available at

Kea provides detailed documentation, including installation instructions and usage tutorials. In addition, all logging messages have unique documented explanations. This documentation is included with the installation or via in HTML, plain text, or PDF formats. We also maintain a public open source code tree and wiki pages with roadmap and issue tracking at

Limitations and known issues with this DHCP release can be found at

We would like testers of this beta release to please let us know how it worked for you and what operating system you tested on. Feel free to share your configuration or use case. Also we would like to hear whether the documentation is adequate and accurate (please open tickets for documentation omissions and errors). We want to hear from you even if everything worked.

If you have any comments or questions about working with Kea, please share them to the Kea Users List or join the Kea Jabber room at Bugs and feature requests may be submitted via the ticket tracking system at


Professional support will be available when Kea reaches Release 1.0. Free best-effort support is provided by our user community via a mailing list. Information on all public email lists is available at

New Features

  • Kea 0.9 brings notable changes. The most prominent one is the removal of the BIND10 framework and all DNS components that were not useful for DHCP operation. Kea is now a pure C++ solution without Python dependencies.  keactrl, a shell script, has been added to control DHCP and DDNS servers operation. 
  • Support for OpenSSL has been added. During compilation time, Kea requires just one cryptographic library to be present: either Botan or OpenSSL.
  • DDNS now supports cryptographic signatures (TSIG). HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA224, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA384 and HMAC-SHA512 are now supported. 
  • Support for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD has been added. The code should also work on Mac OS X, but it was not tested. 
  • DHCPINFORM (DHCPv4) and Confirm (DHCPv6) messages are now supported.
Feature Changes

  • The configuration process has changed substantially. Configuration is now stored in JSON files that are loaded at start-up. Servers can be instructed (using POSIX signals) to reload their configuration without any restarts. Kea temporarily lost the capability to have its configuration updated remotely. There are plans to restore that capability in the upcoming releases. Note for migrating from Kea 0.8 to 0.9, the JSON-based configurations need to be updated.

  • This release also features a significantly revamped Kea Administrator Reference Manual and a couple of example configuration files. The number of examples is currently small, but there are plans to expand the collection in the near future. 
Bug Fixes

The following summarizes the significant changes and important upgrade notes since the previous release (BIND 10 Kea 0.8). (See the git history for more details and additional development.)

819. [build] marcin

Renamed variables in the so as their names do not

refer to BIND10 project. As a result of renaming the B10_CXXFLAGS

to KEA_CXXFLAGS in all dependent Makefiles had to
be updated in the tree. The AX_BOOST_FOR_BIND10 macro has been
renamed to AX_BOOST_FOR_KEA.
(Trac #3507, git 6616b1c0ad0a78e11bca9395fafb8efdba8d8b9c)
818. [func] tomek
DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and DDNS components now report their versions.
(Trac #3508, git 3f46c74ffa0ea1197e1fa62cb2f6580931be35f3)
817. [bug] marcin
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers will log an error during an attempt to
open socket on the interface which is down or not configured.
(Trac #3487, git fadc776914aa858ce637aab1513ab3d87631f612)
816. [doc] tomek
AUTHORS file rewritten.
(Trac #3469, git 6ef55abaa1ef79e09ad332c0da28dee7bfed70fe)
815. [func] tomek
Pool definitions in DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 are now lists of
structures. This makes adding new per-pool parameters easier in
the future.
(Trac #3464, git 4bd0c0eda9d86608f8802d28bd360239fe88e905)
814. [func,doc] tomek
It is now possible to specify logging parameters in a
configuration file for DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and DHCP-DDNS components.
(Trac #3427, git 23285903645c36fc35c6866a74c50c74089cd255)
813. [func] tomek
Functions, methods and variables referring to BIND10 were renamed
to Kea. In particular, system variables (B10_LOGGER_ROOT,
B10_LOCKFILE_DIR_FROM_BUILD etc.) were renamed. B10_ prefix was
replaced with KEA_.
(Trac #3417, git 1db8988de6af435fa388dc9c7f909c4a004a01d0)
812. [doc] tomek
DHCPv6 and DDNS sections in Kea Administrator Reference Manual
has been updated. Usage of keactl has been documented.
(Trac #3468, git 3945fc6211bcadb9bece7147039a6b50ebcf936b)
(Trac #3466, git fa9570d19c73cbe7effc75589b7eb855c411f6a3)
811. [doc] tmark
Added documentation of message protocol between DHCP servers and the
DHCP-DDNS process.
(Trac #3505, git 6d9aed2f8fe181714e8260493c6cc06e13d0edd0)
810. [func] stephen
perfdhcp is now installed in sbin as it requires root privilege
to run. The perfdhcp source has been moved to the directory
(Trac #3481, git d101aed6156a993476fa1164f0b0ec8395f5886c)
809. [func] stephen
sockcreator is no longer built or installed. The code is being
retained in the repository for the moment, but may be deleted at
some point in the future.
(Trac #3480, git 2a55a469dde8fcc053b49e287c30d0906baa91b4)
808. [func] stephen
Reduced number of startup and shutdown messages in the
DHCP-DDNS process by making some of them debug messages.
(Trac #3479, git bca0bae285de9ce904c0afd21af777dac2edb4e6)
807. [func] marcin
DHCPv6 server responds to Confirm messages from clients.
(Trac #3269, git 4f43c309a994e30c07f5aa27057552fb195ec284)
806. [func] marcin
DHCPv4 server processes Requested IP Address option (50).
(Trac #3320, git ad411a177a32bbe6a93f4baf813d985558c99e2f)
805. [func] stephen
Changed all occurrences of "BIND 10" in message files to "Kea".
(Trac #3416, git e88090b57a75424920d9b96efbf50e3554048828)
804. [func] marcin
DHCPv4 server supports DHCPINFORM messages from the clients.
(Trac #3390, git 77f8577b1dbb52bdc6deb8bed3eef6ce7abc33fd)
803. [func] marcin
DHCPv4 server supports responding to directly connected clients on
FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD using Berkeley Packet Filtering. This
also resolves the problem reported in #3438 that the server doesn't
pick the correct interface to respond to the client and the client
never gets the response from the server.
(Trac #2893, git 9fba39d93b9ece950c4294230984d6315dfa11f6)
802. [doc] tomek, marcin
Developer's Guide updated to Change BIND 10 references to Kea.
Documentation for Keactrl added.
(Trac #3396, git 271450edbc63e9022f877c9aa3d1dc290708f151)
(Trac #3466, git fa9570d19c73cbe7effc75589b7eb855c411f6a3)
801. [build] fdupont
Detect all OS X versions more recent than 10.9 (where
pthread_cond_destroy() doesn't work as documented,
which makes some of unit tests to fail).
(Trac #3473, git d620ef6659598bcc1f4c30241e845348770e264e)
800. [bug] marcin
DHCPv6 server is now usable on FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD systems.
It can receive messages sent to ff02::1:2 multicast address. Also,
fixed the bug whereby the DHCPv6 server failed to bind the socket
to global unicast address on BSD systems due to invalid scope id
(Trac #3437, git f4c2fe2fc37a37f1510e138e1f6c4ccd757e1f06)
799. [func] tmark
Configuration parsing for all Kea servers has been enhanced to include
the location of the error within the configuration file presented as
file name, line number, and column within the configuration file.
(Trac #3436, git b927deb2b4579f93ba74d4be8f5a3a4eaa3c6422)
(Trac #3409, git 777dbdb29a641f7d8661f9cc2c22f1cb9fe7eb14)
798. [build] tomek
JSON configuration backend is now the default. BUNDY backend
is now deprecated after #3413 removed the BIND10/Bundy framework.
(Trac #3476, git 727b65f2c62bbd7dc599b2e7956167e2b3c34098)
797. [build] tomek
Removed a lot of remaining BIND10 framework: bind10, bindctl,
cfgmgr, cmdctl, msgq, stats, sysinfo, tests, usermgr from src/bin
directory, also src/lib/python directory. Python3 is not
required anymore, unless documentation generation is enabled.
(Trac #3413, git d7b297ac475193f687d07b0489ac74585d4f3814)
796. [doc] tomek
User's Guide renamed to Kea Administrator Reference Manual,
removed sections specific to BIND10/Bundy framework, rewritten
general and DHCPv4 specific examples.
(Trac #3418, git 73e6019d83760f0500890240e2e187dcd5e1e14c)
795. [func] marcin
Added support to keactrl to start, stop, reconfigure and gather
status of the DHCP-DDNS server.
(Trac #3465, git 6bc61470c9ccee001fe282d0f879bcddac0b8721)
794. [func] fdupont
cryptolink: add OpenSSL crypto backend as an alternative to Botan
by specifying --with-openssl[=PATH] on the "configure" command
line. Add hash support to the cryptolink API and use it in DHCP
DDNS, removing the Botan dependency.
(Trac #2406, git 4b4110dd68706b4171fc6d8a6f4f2a9cd820edac)
793. [func] tmark
DHCP-DDNS: Implemented dynamic reconfiguration of the server,
triggered when the SIGHUP signal is received by the server's
process. Also, server performs a graceful shut down when SIGINT
or SIGTERM signal is received.
(Trac #3407, git f1a224df1e46098748ba60205be09ada4600515f)
792. [func] marcin
Implemented keactrl script used to start, stop, reconfigure Kea
servers and get their status and configuration data. This script
is installed only if the JSON configuration backend is in use.
(Trac #3422, git e1d164c7a9a54a7aacea88c8c57cd2826e06012b)
791. [func] tmark
DHCP-DDNS: Now supports parameter: --with-kea-config.
It allows selecting configuration backend and accepts one of two
values: BUNDY, which uses Bundy (former BIND10) framework as Kea
0.8 did, or JSON, which reads configuration from a JSON file.
(Trac #3401, git 8e69209caafc81041229f3d9601599f3d98fc86e)
790. [func] marcin
DHCPv4 server: Implemented dynamic reconfiguration of the server,
triggered when the SIGHUP signal is received by the server's
process. Also, server performs a graceful shut down when SIGINT
or SIGTERM signal is received.
(Trac #3405, git dd0270bd91cf8fc958b8b388950d343d311ee99e)
789. [bug] marcin
DHCPv4 server sends Renewal Time (58) and Rebinding Time (59)
options to the client when the appropriate timers are set
in the configuration. Previously, the timers were ignored.
(Trac #3336, git b3c8a079889411182ade517c85aa4fe5d6b8719a)
788. [func] tomek
DHCPv4 server: New parameter added to --with-kea-config.
It allows selecting configuration backend and accepts one of two
values: BUNDY, which uses Bundy (former BIND10) framework as Kea
0.8 did, or JSON, which reads configuration from a JSON file.
(Trac #3399, git 6e4dd3ae58c091ba0fd64c87fa8d7c268210f99b)
787. [func] marcin
DHCPv6 server: Implemented dynamic reconfiguration of the server,
triggered when the SIGHUP signal is received by the server's
process. Also, server performs a graceful shut down when SIGINT
or SIGTERM signal is received.
(Trac #3406, git 3be60fa6ac521aecae6ae92d26dc03792bc76903)
786. [func] tmark
DHCP-DDNS now supports DDNS updates with TSIG. Please refer to the
Kea Guide for details. Prior to this TSIG keys could be defined but
were not used.
(Trac #3432, git 80fea12a53d1e832d4e7b710ca6ea613300f73ea)
785. [bug] marcin
DHCPv6 server avoids collisions between prefixes that are allocated
as a result of receiving hints from the clients. Previously the
whole prefix (including bits beyond the prefix length) was used to
search existing leases in the lease database. If not found, the
new lease was crated for the prefix sent by the client. If another
client sent the same prefix but with different non-significant bits
the prefix was allocated. This led to prefix collisions. Currently,
server ignores bits beyond the prefix length when searching for
existing leases.
(Trac #3246, git 50de7df4195195e981ae9c8c6f1b4100047d5bb5)
784. [func] tmark
DHCP_DDNS's configuration was changed. The unused parameter,
"interface" was deleted. Three new parameters, "ncr_protocol",
"ncr_format", and "dns_server_timeout" were added. Please refer to
Kea Guide for details.
(Trac #3268, git bd60252e679f19b062f61926647f661ab169f21c)
783. [func]* tomek
DHCPv6 server: New parameter added to configure: --with-kea-config.
It allows selecting configuration backend and accepts one of two
values: BUNDY, which uses Bundy (former BIND10 framework as Kea
0.8 did, or JSON, which reads configuration from a JSON file.
(Trac #3400, git 7e9fdfa644b81f72bfa5300b7ddcdb9754400769)
782. [func] tmark
Added sender-ip, sender-port, and max-queue-size parameters to
the dhcp-ddns configuration section of both b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6.
(Trac #3328, git 8d8d0b5eedaab20bf1008dfb3a6913eb006a6e73)
781. [func] marcin
libkea-dhcpsrv: the Memfile lease storage backend returns leases
of a specified type. Previously, it ignored the lease type parameter
and returned all leases for a particular client. Thanks to David
Carlier for helping to implement this ticket.
(Trac #3148, git d2f0edf473716cd747a21d6917e89ba55c148d8e)
780. [func] marcin
libkea-cc: JSON parser stores information about the position
of the data element values in the JSON string. The position
comprises the line number and the offset within this line where
the specific value resides. This functionality is intended to
be used for error logging during configuration parsing.
(Trac #3408, git 115a52a6713340fc589f6f95d73d242931239405)
779. [doc] tmark
Added a section to the developer's guide for Kea's DHCP-DDNS
component, D2.
(Trac #3158, git 7be263c7372b1401a8b4288742854f96b5bec0d6)

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making this release possible. If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us in continuing to make quality open source software, please visit our donations page at  We look forward to your feedback.


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