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31 How do I prevent BIND from stopping listening on an interface when it's temporarily down?

By default, BIND will scan the network interface list every 60 minutes and will stop listening on any interfaces that it finds unavailable when it runs this scan. However, it's possible to configure the scanning interval and disable this functionality altogether…

32 Limiting the Size of Journal Files

I am using BIND to serve information for dynamic zones. After running for some time the journal files can get quite large. Is there a way to limit their growth within BIND? Yes, you can use the max-journal-size configuration option to specify a maximum size…

33 How to change the nameservers for a zone?

The information in this article is applicable only to non-DNSSEC-signed zones The steps for migrating DNSSEC-signed zones between nameservers can be more complex, particularly if the the zone is transitioning between hosting providers. The complexity is due…