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When I do a "dig . ns", many of the A records for the root servers are missing. Why?

  • Updated on 21 Dec 2016
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     This is normal and harmless.  It is a somewhat confusing   

side effect of the way BIND 9 does RFC 2181 trust ranking and of the efforts BIND 9 makes to avoid promoting glue into answers.

When BIND 9 first starts up and primes its cache, it receives the root server addresses as additional data in an authoritative response from a root server, and these records are eligible for inclusion as additional data in responses. Subsequently it receives a subset of the root server addresses as additional data in a non-authoritative (referral) response from a root server. This causes the addresses to now be considered non-authoritative (glue) data, which is not eligible for inclusion in responses.

The server does have a complete set of root server addresses cached at all times, it just may not include all of them as additional data, depending on whether they were last received as answers or as glue. You can always look up the addresses with explicit queries like "dig a.root-servers.net A".

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