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CVE-2002-0651: libbind buffer overflow

  • Updated on 28 Oct 2014
  • 1 minute to read
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Buffer overflow in the DNS resolver code used in libc, glibc, and libbind, as derived from ISC BIND, allows remote malicious DNS servers to cause a denial of service and possibly execute arbitrary code via the stub resolvers.







          Posting date: 

                03 Jul 2002        


          Program Impacted: 



          Versions affected: 

                All versions of the stub resolver library from BIND 4

prior to 4.9.9, from BIND 8 prior to 8.2.6 and 8.3.2








                It is possible to construct a response to a DNS 

query issued by an application linked to vulnerable versions of the stub resolver library included in the BIND distributions mentioned above that may potentially result in a buffer overflow of a few bytes. This bug does NOT affect the name server (named) itself, but rather applications linked to the resolver library.





  Active exploits: 

                None known at this time.        



                Upgrading the name server itself DOES NOT remove 

this vulnerability. To remove this vulnerability, ALL applications linked to a vulnerable version of the stub resolver library must be re-linked with a non-vulnerable version. Note that if static libraries were used, the the static library must be updated and all applications must be relinked. If shared libraries were used, then upgrading the shared library will suffice.

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