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ISC DHCP End of Life Dates

  • Updated on 13 Dec 2018
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We encourage everyone to run currently supported versions of our software. The table below shows when each major branch of ISC DHCP was declared End of Life.

Branch Final EOL Date
4.3 July 2018
4.2.8 Aug 2015
4.1.2-P1 Apr 2011 *
4.0.3 2011
3.1.3 Mar 2010
3.1-ESV-R3 Mar 2012
3.0.7 Mar 2009
3.0.0-3.0.6 Jan 2009
2.x Nov 2004
1.x Jun 1998
4.1-ESV release extended
Although the 4.1 branch should have reached end of support by now, we have continued to support it because it has a substantially smaller memory footprint than later versions. The older, smaller version is particularly useful in embedded environments.

Archives of older (as well as current) releases are maintained at ftp.isc.org/isc/dhcp

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