ISC Resilience and Security Forum products and services are now provided by Farsight Security


Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) sold its security-related assets to Farsight Security, Inc., (“Farsight”) a new company started by ISC founder, Paul Vixie. Beginning on July 1st, 2013 the DNSDB and SIE services developed by ISC between 2007 and 2013 are now provided by Farsight.  For more information see the ISC Blog article:

Inquiries about the following topics should be directed to Farsight Security:

    •    DNSDB
    •    SIE - Security Information Exchange
    •    Passive DNS
    •    NMSG including nmsgtool and the NMSG library.
    •    mtbl libraries.
    •    wrapsrv
    •    dnstap
    •    dnscap
    •    CWG - The Conficker Working Group
    •    RSF - The Resiliency and Stability Forum

Farsight Security may be contacted via the following methods:

Telephone: +1 650-489-7919 or toll free 1-855-489-7919