DNS Changer, Cybercrime Remediation and other resources


This is a collection of articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts and resources to learn more about the dark side, and what ISC is doing to help.

29 July 2010 Blog by Paul Vixie, Taking Back the DNS

27 March 2012 Article by Paul Vixie, DNS Changer - Takedown on CircleID

22 May 2012 ISC Webinar on Cybercrime & Remediation with Merike Kaeo on DNS Changer (Ghost-Click) and other topics.

FBI article about DNS Changer

10 July --> DCWG DNS Changer Working Group the site where you can detect, fix & protect

18 July 2012 Podcast on twit.tv about DNS Changer

11th October 2012 (Video) Presentation by Paul Vixie at HITB2012: Silo Busting in Information Security: The ISC SIE Approach