Webinar: Anycast Deployment and Operational Experience


Join ISC to learn what Anycast is and how it could be deployed in your network.  ISC will discuss Anycast as a general concept, the specifics of deploying DNS resolvers and authority servers in an Anycast deployment, and share some operational experience from our SNS and F-Root deployments.

Learn if Anycast can offer benefits to your deployments, and ask questions directly of ISC staff.


Who should attend this Webinar?

- DNS administrators interested in learning about Anycast.

- DNS administrators interested in hearing about ISC's operational experience with Anycast.

- Network architects and engineers interested in understanding routing for Anycast services.



Leo Bicknell

Senior Network Operations Engineer

Internet Systems Consortium


We will present this one-hour webinar three times to maximize time zone coverage. You can submit your questions during the session and our experts will answer them live.

We look forward to seeing you there


This was presented on 8th May, 2012


Webex Recording

Spanish version of this presentation