Webinar: Inline Signing for DNSSEC


Learn about BIND’s new major feature to help with DNSSEC's deployment - Inline Signing. Larissa Shapiro, Product Manager and Michael Graff BIND 9 Engineering Manager will be hosting this webinar. If you are seeking to deploy DNSSEC or seeking to simplify an existing deployment, Inline Signing can offer it to you. Inline Signing is mechanism allowing total automation of DNSSEC zone signing by your properly configured BIND server.

Our one-hour session will offer an in depth how-to, operational guidance, and a chance to ask our DNSSEC experts your questions on how you can benefit from this exciting new feature.


- Larissa Shapiro, BIND and DHCP Product Manager 
- Michael Graff, BIND 9 Engineering Manager


This was presented on 11th Jan, 2012