Webinar: BIND 9.9 Features and Benefits Overview


Join Larissa Shapiro, ISC's Product Manager, and Michael Graff, BIND 9 Engineering Manager, for an informative hour of presentation and discussion on the features and benefits of BIND 9.9!


BIND 9.9 includes several key new features and performance improvements, such as:

  • DNSSEC In-line Signing - automates DNSSEC signing while keeping a traditional zone record on the Master, separates the signing function from the Master DNS server
  • Improved Multi-Threaded Scalability - Performance gains
  • NXDOMAIN Redirection - Redirects failing lookups to an administrator defined location
  • New 'RNDC Flushtree' Command - Clears the DNS cache of all data below a specified name
  • New 'RNDC Sync' and 'RNDC Flush' Commands - means ixfr-from-differences can now be used with dynamic zones
  • Additional New DNSSEC Improvements


This was presented on 30th Nov, 2011


Webex Recording