Webinar: PROTECT-IP: Why DNS is the wrong tool to prevent online copyright infringement and counterfeiting


Join our hosts, Paul Vixie, Dan Kaminsky & Ram Mohan and be the first to receive the latest information about PROTECT-IP and how this legislation could affect your network, your business, and the economy you're a part of.

Join our Webinar on PROTECT-IP, the legislation now being considered by the U. S. Congress that would require all domestic service providers to filter their DNS results to try to prevent online copyright infringement and counterfeiting. This well intentioned legislation will be ineffective at solving the problem of online piracy. It could have a devastating impact on the online security of internet users. The consequences on the sustainable Internet are severe:

  • Mandated DNS filtering is not compatible with DNSSEC -- and the world really needs DNSSEC.
  • Many users will simply bypass the filtering by using off-shore DNS servers, which will operate outside of U. S. laws and jurisdiction.
  • An online pirate can get a new domain name every day -- much faster than the government can update its list of "bad domains".
  • The complexity of this kind of filtering will lead to more down-time and a less reliable DNS.

The webinar will be presented by:

  • Paul Vixie: Chairman and Chief Scientist of Internet Systems Consortium.
  • Dan Kaminsky: Security Expert and former Director of Penetration at IOActive.
  • Ram Mohan: Executive Vice President, & Chief Technology Officer of Afilias Limited.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 @ 1100 PDT / 1400 EDT / 1800 UTC.

You can submit your questions during the session and our experts will answer them live.

We look forward to seeing you there!


This was presented on 26th Oct, 2011

Webex Recording

For background, please read the paper

Security and Other Technical Concerns Raised by the DNS Filtering Requirements in the Protect IP Bill.