Webinar: BIND 9.9 Early Feature Review


Please join us for the BIND 9.9 early feature review Webinar!  This webinar will allow for direct feedback into feature quality during our beta stage so your input may result in improvements for the production release.  This webinar is open to ISC members, BIND support customers and BIND Forum subscribers only.

For BIND 9.9 we have several key new features and performance improvements:

  • NXDOMAIN Redirection - redirects failing lookups to an administrator defined location
  • DNSSEC In-line Signing - automates DNSSEC signing while keeping a traditional zone record on the Master, separates the signing function from the Master DNS server
  • Improved multi-threaded scalability - improving performance
  • New 'rndc flushtree' command - clears the DNS cache of all data below a specified name
  • New 'rndc sync' and 'rndc flush' commands - means ixfr-from-differences can now be used with dynamic zones
  • Several additional New DNSSEC Improvements

Date and time: 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

1st Session at 0800 PDT / 1500 UTC

2nd Session at 1300 PDT / 2000 UTC

3rd Session at 1900 PDT / 0200 UTC

You can submit your questions and suggestions during the session and our experts will answer them live. We look forward to seeing you there!