Webinar: DNSSEC Key Management Best Practices (Part 3 of 3)


Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) - the industry's core drivers of DNSSEC deployment will help you step by step to secure your DNS infrastructure. This is the third of a series DNSSEC talks.

ISC’s BIND 9 Manager, Michael Graff and Product Manager, Larissa Shapiro will continue the discussion of techniques and recommended practices for managing your keys and preparing your DNSSEC deployment. They will use in-depth operational DNSSEC deployment experience along with code insight into how the software is coded to help expand on the previous two webinars.

Note: This webinar might not be enough. Don't wait until the last minute when you board of directors ask you "why didn't you secure your DNS. Contact ISC for a full range of professional open source support options. We have support options for all organization - from the small enterprises to the largest telecommunications companies on the planet. We specialize in Internet Critical Open Source Software, Services, and Infrastructure interconnecting everyone on the Internet.


This was presented on 28th Sep, 2011