BIND 9.10.0a1 Release Notes


BIND 9.10.0a1 is the first alpha development release of BIND 9.10, a new branch of BIND 9.

BIND 9.10 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.9 and earlier releases. New features include:

  • DNS Response-rate limiting (DNS RRL) blunts the impact of reflection and amplification attacks by rate-limiting substantially-identical responses.
  • New "map" zone format for faster loading. The new zone file format "map" is an image of a zone database that can be loaded directly into memory, allowing much faster zone loading.
  • RPZ performance improvements.  Up to 32 response-policy zones can be configured with minimal performance loss.
  • New RPZ client-IP triggers and drop policies (RPZ2). RPZ responses can be configured on the basis of the client IP address; this can be used, for example, to blacklist misbehaving recursive or stub resolvers.
  • ACLs can now be specified based on geographic location using the MaxMind GeoIP databases.
  • Support for setting Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values in 'named' if supported by the underlying OS. DSCP is used for prioritizing outbound traffic.
  • Multiple DLZ databases can now be configured.  Individual zones can be configured to be served from a specific DLZ database.  DLZ databases now serve zones of type "master" and "redirect".
  • New XML schema (version 3) for the statistics channel includes many new statistics and uses a flattened XML tree for faster parsing.
  • New stylesheet, based on the Google Charts API, displays XML statistics in charts and graphs on javascript-enabled browsers.
  • The statistics channel can now provide data in JSON format as well as XML.
  • The internal and export versions of the BIND libraries (libisc, libdns, etc) have been unified so that external library clients can use the same libraries as BIND itself.
  • New 'dnssec-coverage' tool to check DNSSEC key coverage for a zone and report if a lapse in signing coverage has been inadvertently scheduled.
  • New 'dnssec-importkey' tool for importing externally generated DNSKEY records into the DNSKEY management framework.
  • New 'dnssec-checkds' tool for checking the correctness of a zone's DS and DLV records.
  • Signing algorithm flexibility and other improvements for the "rndc" control channel.
  • "rndc zonestatus" reports information about a specified zone.
  • 'named-checkzone' and 'named-compilezone' can now read journal files, allowing them to process dynamic zones.
  • "named" now listens on IPv6 as well as IPv4 interfaces by default.
  • New 'named-rrchecker' tool to verify the syntactic correctness of individual resource records.

Please see the file CHANGES for a detailed list of the many changes in this release.


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Thank You

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