DNS Flag Day - ednscomp tests and status codes
  • 28 Jan 2019
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DNS Flag Day - ednscomp tests and status codes

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Article Summary

ednscomp tests (and equivalent dig commands)

Work In Progress
We're still working on this KB article, but thought it might be helpful to publish it as is while we work on it...

dns 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SOA '
aa 'dig +noedns +noad +norec +aaflag SOA '
ad 'dig +noedns +ad +norec SOA '
cd 'dig +noedns +noad +norec +cd SOA '
ra '### dig +noedns +noad +norec +raflag SOA ###'
rd 'dig +noedns +noad +rec SOA '
tc '### dig +noedns +noad +norec +tcflag SOA ###'
zflag 'dig +noedns +noad +norec +zflag SOA '
opcode 'dig +noedns +noad +norec +header-only +opcode=15'
opcodeflg '### dig +noedns +header-only +opcode=15 +tcflag +rec +raflag +cd +ad +aaflag +zflag ###'
type666 'dig +noedns +noad +norec TYPE666 '
tcp 'dig +noedns +noad +norec +tcp SOA '
edns 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec SOA '
edns1 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec SOA '
edns@512 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +dnssec +ignoretc +bufsize=512 DNSKEY '
ednsopt 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +ednsopt=100 SOA '
edns1opt 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec +ednsopt=100 SOA '
do 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +dnssec SOA '
docd 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +dnssec SOA '
edns1do 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec +dnssec SOA '
ednsflags 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +ednsflags=0x0080 SOA '
optlist 'dig +edns=0 +noad +norec +nsid +subnet= +expire +cookie=0102030405060708 SOA '
ednsnsid 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +nsid SOA '
ednscookie 'dig +edns=0 +noad +norec +cookie=0102030405060708 SOA '
ednsexpire 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +expire SOA '
ednssubnet 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +subnet= SOA '
edns1nsid 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec +nsid SOA '
edns1cookie 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +noad +norec +cookie=0102030405060708 SOA '
edns1expire 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec +expire SOA '
edns1subnet 'dig +edns=1 +noednsneg +nocookie +noad +norec +subnet= SOA '
ednstcp 'dig +edns=0 +nocookie +noad +norec +dnssec +bufsize=512 +tcp DNSKEY '
bind11 'dig +edns=0 +cookie=0102030405060708 +noad +norec +dnssec SOA '
dig11 'dig +edns=0 +cookie=0102030405060708 +ad +rec SOA '
dnswkk 'dig +noedns +noad +norec -y hmac-sha256:.:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= SOA '
icmp 'ping / ping6'
A 'dig +noedns +noad +norec A '
NS 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NS '
MD 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MD '
MF 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MF '
CNAME 'dig +noedns +noad +norec CNAME '
SOA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SOA '
MB 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MB '
MG 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MG '
MR 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MR '
NULL 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NULL '
WKS 'dig +noedns +noad +norec WKS '
PTR 'dig +noedns +noad +norec PTR '
HINFO 'dig +noedns +noad +norec HINFO '
MINFO 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MINFO '
MX 'dig +noedns +noad +norec MX '
TXT 'dig +noedns +noad +norec TXT '
RP 'dig +noedns +noad +norec RP '
AFSDB 'dig +noedns +noad +norec AFSDB '
X25 'dig +noedns +noad +norec X25 '
ISDN 'dig +noedns +noad +norec ISDN '
RT 'dig +noedns +noad +norec RT '
NSAP 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NSAP '
NSAP-PTR 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NSAP-PTR '
SIG 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SIG '
KEY 'dig +noedns +noad +norec KEY '
PX 'dig +noedns +noad +norec PX '
GPOS 'dig +noedns +noad +norec GPOS '
AAAA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec AAAA '
LOC 'dig +noedns +noad +norec LOC '
NXT 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NXT '
SRV 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SRV '
NAPTR 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NAPTR '
KX 'dig +noedns +noad +norec KX '
CERT 'dig +noedns +noad +norec CERT '
A6 'dig +noedns +noad +norec A6 '
DNAME 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DNAME '
APL 'dig +noedns +noad +norec APL '
DS 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DS '
SSHFP 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SSHFP '
IPSECKEY 'dig +noedns +noad +norec IPSECKEY '
RRSIG 'dig +noedns +noad +norec RRSIG '
NSEC 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NSEC '
DNSKEY 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DNSKEY '
DHCID 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DHCID '
NSEC3 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NSEC3 '
NSEC3PARAM 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NSEC3PARAM '
TLSA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec TLSA '
SMIMEA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SMIMEA '
HIP 'dig +noedns +noad +norec HIP '
CDS 'dig +noedns +noad +norec CDS '
CDNSKEY 'dig +noedns +noad +norec CDNSKEY '
OPENPGPKEY 'dig +noedns +noad +norec OPENPGPKEY '
SPF 'dig +noedns +noad +norec SPF '
NID 'dig +noedns +noad +norec NID '
L32 'dig +noedns +noad +norec L32 '
L64 'dig +noedns +noad +norec L64 '
LP 'dig +noedns +noad +norec LP '
EUI48 'dig +noedns +noad +norec EUI48 '
EUI64 'dig +noedns +noad +norec EUI64 '
URI 'dig +noedns +noad +norec URI '
CAA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec CAA '
AVC 'dig +noedns +noad +norec AVC '
DOA 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DOA '
DLV 'dig +noedns +noad +norec DLV '
TYPE1000 'dig +noedns +noad +norec TYPE1000 '