Kea Significant Features Matrix
  • 18 Aug 2020
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Kea Significant Features Matrix

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This table lists the major feature differences for different releases of Kea.

Changes that are not backward-compatible

When we have to make a change in Kea that is not backwards-compatible, we highlight that change in the Changelog file in the Kea sources with an asterisk. The table below shows the more significant of these changes.

Please use the slider underneath each table to scroll left and right.
Feature Kea 1.4 Kea 1.5 Kea 1.6 Kea 1.8
BOOTP RFC 1497 (requires open source hook) X
Client Classification - 'drop' class X X
Comments are no longer transformed into user context (CL#1758) X
Congestion Control X X X
Database - Cassandra backend X X X X
Database - Configuration backend in MySQL X X
Database - Host reservations in MySQL & PostgreSQL X X X X
Database - reconnect MySQL, PostgreSQL X X X
DDNS Controls X X
DHCPv4-over-DHCPv6 - RFC7341 X X X X
Documentation migration to Sphinx X X
Global Host Reservations X X X
Host Reservation address must be in subnet (CL# 1788) X
High Availability - paged updates X X X
Lease Query (RFCs 4388 and 5007) - requires subscriber-only hook X
Max/min - lease-lifetime X X
Multithreading support X
PXE boot and iPXE boot X X X X
Renew/Rebind timers calculated automatically X X
REST - (status-get) (Stork dependency) 1.6.3 X
Subnet selection order (CL #1778) in the order configured in the order configured in the order configured by ascending subnet ID
YANG model support ISC DHCPv4, ISC DHCPv6 model updated X X

Kea hook libraries extend the base functionality of the open source Kea DHCP server. Kea hook libraries are distributed in source code form, but are not open source. ISC offers several "premium" hooks for purchase on our website at We also offer support subscriptions, which include both the premium hooks and several subscriber-only Kea hooks. If you are interested in subscribing to ISC's software support services, please visit for more information.

This table lists the versions of Kea and the Kea hook libraries ISC supports with each version. In general, we recommend updating your hooks libraries every time you update Kea. ISC does not test new versions of Kea with older versions of the hook libraries and cannot guarantee they will work as expected.

Hooks Modules Kea 1.4 Kea 1.5 Kea 1.6 Kea 1.8 Premium package Subscriber package
BOOTP (RFC 1497) X
Configuration Backend Commands X updated +
Client Classification Commands X X X +
Flexible Identifier X X X X + +
Flexible Options X
Forensic Logging X - added log to db X X X + +
High Availability X X X X
Host Commands X X reservation-get-all, reservation-get-page lease4(6)-get-by-clientid(duid, hostname, hwaddress) + +
Lease Management X X X X
Lease Query (RFCs 4388 and 5007) X +
RADIUS Integration/ Host Cache X X cache-size, cache-get-by-id X +
Subnet Management X X subnet4-update, subnet6-update X +
Stats Commands X X X X

This table lists Kea's dependencies on other software packages. An 'X' identifies a hard requirement, and an 'O' is an optional package. See also:

Build Requirements Kea 1.0 Kea 1.1 Kea 1.2 Kea 1.3 Kea 1.4 Kea 1.5
BOOST 1.65.1 library required ( X X X
C++11 required to compile X X X X
Botan ( - Kea requires either Botan or OpenSSL, but not both at the same time. Note that Botan version 2 or later and OpenSSL version 1.0.2 or 1.1.0 or later are strongly recommended. O O O O O O
Cassandra ( Cpp-driver from DataStax is needed when using the --with-cql configuration flag to build Kea with Cassandra database backend. In this case an instance of the Cassandra server running locally or on some other machine, reachable over the network from the machine running Kea, is required. Note that running the unit tests requires a local Cassandra server. O O O
Clang/clang++ - Software is compiled using either clang(++) or gcc(g++) O O O O O O
Fetch, build, and install libredblack (git clone - only if using netconf feature O
gcc/g++ - Software is compiled using either clang(++) or gcc(g++) O O O O O O
Install libyang (wget - only if using netconf feature O
Install sysrepo (wget - only if using netconf feature O
log4cplus ( X X X X X X
OpenSSL ( - Kea requires either Botan or OpenSSL, but not both at the same time O O O O O O
PostgreSQL ( O O O O O O
Python - required for the text client for the control agent O O O

Some of these dependencies require the GCC development toolset version 4.9 or later.

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