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Standard DHCP Options Defined in ISC DHCP and Kea

  • Updated on 21 Oct 2017
  • 24 minutes to read
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These tables showing which standard options are supported in each of ISC DHCP and Kea may be helpful in planning migration from one server to the other.   If there is any doubt, the Kea User guide includes two tables: supported standard options for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.   The table below is meant to be a super-set of that.

DHCPv4 Options

Code Name Reference DHCP 4.3.0+ Kea 
0 Pad RFC2132 Yes Yes
1 Subnet Mask RFC2132 Yes Yes
2 Time Offset RFC2132 Yes Yes
3 Router RFC2132 Yes Yes
4 Time Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
5 Name Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
6 Domain Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
7 Log Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
8 Quotes Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
9 LPR Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
10 Impress Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
11 RLP Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
12 Hostname RFC2132 Yes Yes
13 Boot File Size RFC2132 Yes Yes
14 Merit Dump File RFC2132 Yes Yes
15 Domain Name RFC2132 Yes Yes
16 Swap Server RFC2132 Yes Yes
17 Root Path RFC2132 Yes Yes
18 Extension File RFC2132 Yes Yes
19 Forward On/Off RFC2132 Yes Yes
20 SrcRte? On/Off RFC2132 Yes Yes
21 Policy Filter RFC2132 Yes Yes
22 Max DG Assembly RFC2132 Yes Yes
23 Default IP TTL RFC2132 Yes Yes
24 MTU TImeout RFC2132 Yes Yes
25 MTU Plateau RFC2132 Yes Yes
26 MTU Interface RFC2132 Yes Yes
27 MTU Subnet RFC2132 Yes Yes
28 Broadcast Address RFC2132 Yes Yes
29 Mask Discovery RFC2132 Yes Yes
30 Mask Supplier RFC2132 Yes Yes
31 Router Discovery RFC2132 Yes Yes
32 Router Request RFC2132 Yes Yes
33 Static Route RFC2132 Yes Yes
34 Trailiers RFC2132 Yes Yes
35 ARP Timeout RFC2132 Yes Yes
36 Ethernet RFC2132 Yes Yes
37 Default TCP TTL RFC2132 Yes Yes
38 Keepalive Time RFC2132 Yes Yes
39 Keepalive Data RFC2132 Yes Yes
40 NIS Domain RFC2132 Yes Yes
41 NIS Servers RFC2132 Yes Yes
42 NTP Servers RFC2132 Yes Yes
43 Vendor Specific RFC2132 Yes Yes
44 NETBIOS Name Srv RFC2132 Yes Yes
45 NETBIOS Dist Srv RFC2132 Yes Yes
46 NETBIOS Node Type RFC2132 Yes Yes
47 NETBIOS Scope RFC2132 Yes Yes
48 X Window Font RFC2132 Yes Yes
49 X Window Manager RFC2132 Yes Yes
50 Address Request RFC2132 Yes Yes
51 Address Time RFC2132 Yes Yes
52 Overload RFC2132 Yes Yes
53 DHCP Msg Type RFC2132 Yes Yes
54 DHCP Server ID RFC2132 Yes Yes
55 Parameter List RFC2132 Yes Yes
56 DHCP Message RFC2132 Yes Yes
57 DHCP Max Msg Size RFC2132 Yes Yes
58 Renewal Time RFC2132 Yes Yes
59 Rebinding Time RFC2132 Yes Yes
60 Class ID RFC2132 Yes Yes
61 Client ID RFC2132 Yes Yes
62 NetWareIP? Domain RFC2132 Yes Yes
63 NetWareIP? Option RFC2132 Yes Yes
64 NIS-Domain-Name RFC2132 Yes 1.3
65 NIS-Server-Addr RFC2132 Yes 1.3
66 Server-Name RFC2132 Yes Yes
67 Bootfile-Name RFC2132 Yes Yes
68 Home-Agent-Addrs RFC2132 Yes 1.3
69 SMTP Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
70 POP3 Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
71 NNTP Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
72 WWW Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
73 Finger Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
74 IRC Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
75 StreetTalk? Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
76 STDA Server RFC2132 Yes 1.3
77 User Class RFC3004 Yes Yes
78 Directory Agent RFC2610 Yes 1.3
79 Service Scope RFC2610 Yes 1.3
80 Rapid Commit RFC4039 NA No
81 Client FQDN RFC4702 Yes Yes
82 Relay Agent Information RFC3046 Yes Yes
83 iSNS RFC4174 No No
84 Unassigned NA
85 NDS Servers RFC2241 Yes 1.3
86 NDS Tree Name RFC2241 Yes 1.3
87 NDS Context RFC2241 Yes 1.3
88 BCMCS Controller Domain Name List RFC4280 Yes 1.3
89 BCMCS Controller IPv4 Address Option RFC4280 Yes 1.3
90 Authentication (Authentication in DHCPv4 is deprecated from a standards perspective)

RFC3118 No No
91 Client Last Transaction Time RFC4388 Yes No- requires leasequery
92 Associated Ip RFC4388 Yes No- requires leasequery
93 Client System RFC4578 No Yes
94 Client NDI RFC4578 No Yes
95 LDAP RFC3679 No No
96 Unassigned NA No No
97 UUID/GUID RFC4578 No Yes
98 User Auth RFC2485 Yes 1.3
99 GEOCONF_CIVIC RFC4776 Yes 1.3
100 PCode RFC4833 Yes 1.3
101 TCode RFC4833 Yes 1.3
102 - 111 Unassigned

112 Netinfo Address RFC3679 Yes 1.3
113 Netinfo Tag RFC3679 Yes 1.3
114 URL RFC3679 Yes 1.3
115 Unassigned

116 Auto Config RFC2563 Yes 1.3
117 Name Service Search RFC2937 Yes 1.3
118 Subnet Selection Option RFC3011 Yes Yes
119 Domain Search RFC3397 Yes Yes
120 SIP Servers DHCP Option RFC3361 No No
121 classless Static Route Option RFC3442 No No
122 CCC RFC3495 No No
123 GeoConf? RFC6225 No No
124 V-I Vendor Class RFC3925 Yes Yes
125 V-I Vendor Specific Information RFC3925 Yes Yes
126 - 127 Unassigned

128 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
129 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
130 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
131 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
132 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
133 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
134 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
135 PXE - undefined vendor specific RFC4578 No No
136 Pana Agent RFC5192 Yes 1.3
137 V4 Lost RFC5223 Yes 1.3
138 Capwap AC V4 RFC5417 Yes 1.3
139 IPv4 Address MOS RFC5678 No No
140 IPv4 FQDN MOS RFC5678 No No
141 SIP UA Configuration Service Domains RFC6011 Yes 1.3
142 IPv4 Address ANDSF RFC6153 Yes No
143 IPv6 Address ANDSF RFC6153 No No
144 GeoLoc? RFC6225 No No
145 Force Renew Nonce Capable RFC6704 No No
146 RDNSS Selection RFC6731 Yes 1.3
147 - 149 Unassigned

150 TFTP Server Address RFC5859 No No
151 status code bulk lease query No No
152 base time bulk lease query No No
153 start time of state bulk lease query No No
154 query start time bulk lease query No No
155 query end time bulk lease query No No
156 dhcp state bulk lease query No No
157 data source bulk lease query No No
158 DCHPv4 PCP Server RFC7291 No No
159DHCPv4 Port ParametersRFC7618Yes 1.3
160DHCP Captive PortalRFC7710Yes 1.3
161 - 174Unassigned   
175 Etherboot
No No
176 Ip Telephone
No No
177 Etherboot
No No
178 - 207 Unassigned

208 PXE Linux Magic RFC5071 No No
209 Configuration File RFC5071 No No
210 Path Prefix RFC5071 No No
211 Reboot Time RFC5071 No No
212 6RD RFC5969 Yes 1.3
213 V4 Access Domain RFC5986 Yes 1.3
214 - 219 Unassigned

220 Subnet Allocation RFC6656 No No
221 Virtual Subnet Selection RFC6607 No No
222 - 223 Unassigned

224 - 254 Reserved for private use

255 End RFC2132 Yes

DHCP v6 Options

Code Name Reference Defined in DHCP 4.3+ Defined in Kea 
1 Client ID RFC3315 Yes Yes
2 Server ID RFC3315 Yes Yes
3 IA NA RFC3315 Yes Yes
4 IA TA RFC3315 Yes No*
5 IAADDR RFC3315 Yes Yes
6 ORO RFC3315 Yes Yes
7 Preference RFC3315 Yes Yes
8 Elapsed Time RFC3315 Yes Yes
9 Relay Message RFC3315 Yes Yes
10 Unassigned NA NA NA
11 Auth RFC3315 No No
12 Unicast RFC3315 Yes Yes
13 Status Code RFC3315 Yes Yes
14 Rapid Commit RFC3315 Yes Yes
15 User Class RFC3315 No Yes
16 Vendor Class RFC3315 No Yes
17 Vendor Options RFC3315 Yes Yes
18 Interface ID RFC3315 Yes Yes
19 Reconfigure Message RFC3315 Yes No*
20 Reconfigure Accept RFC3315 Yes No*
21 SIP Server Names RFC3319 Yes Yes
22 SIP Server Addresse RFC3319 Yes Yes
23 DNS Servers RFC3646 Yes Yes
24 Domain List RFC3646 Yes Yes
25 IA PD RFC3633 Yes Yes
26 IAPREFIX RFC3633 Yes Yes
27 NIS Servers RFC3898 Yes Yes
28 NISP Servers RFC3898 Yes Yes
29 NIS Domain Name RFC3898 Yes Yes
30 NISP Domain Name RFC3898 Yes Yes
31 SNTP Servers RFC4075 Yes Yes
32 Information Refresh Time RFC4242 Yes Yes
33 BCMCS Server D RFC4280 Yes Yes
34 BCMCS Server A RFC4280 Yes Yes
35 Unassigned RFC4280 NA NA
36 GEOCONF Civic RFC4776 Yes Yes
37 Remote ID RFC4649 Yes Yes
38 Subscriber ID RFC4580 Yes Yes
39 Client FQDN RFC4704 Yes Yes
40 PANA Agent RFC5192 if 0 Yes
41 New Posix TImezone RFC4833 if 0 Yes
42 New TZDB Timezone RFC4833 if 0 Yes
43 ERO RFC4994 if 0 Yes
44 LQ Query RFC5007 Yes Yes
45 Client Data RFC5007 Yes Yes
46 CLT Time RFC5007 Yes Yes
47 LQ Relay Data RFC5007 Yes Yes
48 LQ Client Link RFC5007 Yes Yes
49 MIPS6 HNIDF RFC6610 No No
50 MIPB6 VDINF RFC6610 No No
51 V6 Lost RFC5223 Yes 1.3
52 CAPWAP AC V6 RFC5417 Yes Yes
53 Relay ID RFC5460 Yes 1.3
54 IPv6 Address MoS RFC5678 No No
55 IPv6 FQDN MoS RFC5678 No No
56 NTP Server RFC5908 No No
57 V6 Access Domain RFC5986 Yes 1.3
58 SIP UA CS List RFC6011 Yes1.3
59 Bootfile URL RFC5970 Yes Yes
60 Bootfile Parameters RFC5970 Yes Yes
61 Client Arch Type RFC5970 Yes Yes
62 NII RFC5970 Yes Yes
63 Geo Location RFC6225 No No
64 AFTR Name RFC6334 Yes 1.3
65 ERP Local Domain Name RFC 6440 Yes Yes
66 RSOO RFC6422 No Yes
67 PD Exclude RFC6603 No 1.3
68 VSS RFC 6607 No No
69 MIP6 IDINF RFC6610 No No
70 MIP6 UDINF RFC6610 No No
71 MIP6 HNP RFC6610 No No
72 MIP6 HAA RFC6610 No No
73 MIP6 HAF RFC6610 No No
74 RDNSS Selection RFC6731 Yes 1.3
75 KRB Principal Name RFC6784 No No
76 KRB Realm Name RFC6784 No No
77 KRB Default Realm Name RFC6784 No No
78 KRB KDC RFC6784 No No
79 client-linklayer-addr RFC6939
Yes Yes
80link-address RFC6977 Yes 1.3
81Radius  NoNo 
82solmax-rt RFC7083 Yes 1.3
83inf-max-rt RFC7083 Yes 1.3
84addrsel NoNo
85addrsel table NoNo
86v6 PCP server NoNo
87DHCPv4 msg YesYes
88 dhcp4o6-server-addr RFC7341 Yes Yes
89 - 102Unassigned NANA
103 DHCP Captive Portal RFC7710 Yes 1.3
104 - 111Unassigned NANA
112Temporary NANA
113 - 142Unassigned NANA
143 ANDSF IPv6 Address RFC6153 Yes 1.3

701 public-key
No Yes
702 certificate
No Yes
703 signature
No Yes
704 timestamp
No Yes
* These options are decoded but are not handled (the associated feature is unsupported)

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